US FATCA IGAs with UAE, ​Portugal, Croatia, Montserrat enter into force; IGAs signed with Anguilla, Greenland

US Treasury has announced on its website that FATCA intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) have entered into force with the UAE, ​Portugal, Croatia, Montserrat and that IGAs were signed with Anguilla and Greenland.

The January 30 announcements relate that a Model 1 FATCA IGA and understanding with ​​United Arab Emirates entered into force as of  February 19, 2016; a Model 1 FATCA IGA with ​Portugal entered into force as of August 10, 2016; a Model 1 FATCA IGA and related agreement with Croatia entered into force as of December 27, 2016; and a Model 1 FATCA IGA with ​Montserrat entered into force as of October 28, 2016.

The agreements signed with ​Anguilla and Greenland were also Model 1 IGAs. The US had previously had agreements in substance with ​both countries.

All the countries except for Montserrat have been treated as if they have had a FATCA IGA in effect in the US since June 30, 2014. Montserrat has been treated as if it had a FATCA agreement in effect with the US since November 20, 2014.


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