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Profit margin in the markup pricing model

by Ednaldo Silva, Ph.D.
We have well-specified “return on assets” showing that we must estimate reduced-forms (instead of structural) equations and run away from using this scrappy financial ratio to determine arm’s length profits . . .



Automated transfer pricing for financial transactions

Find out how you can use our solution to produce a transfer pricing report in four easy steps. Set an arm’s length price for your financial transactions based on our robust rating and pricing methodology . . .



TP Controller – work smarter


TP Controller is a unique solution for global transfer pricing data storage, sharing, analytics, and reporting. Automate and streamline your CbCR compliance with “one-click” report generation in .pdf, .xls, or XML schema. Learn more . . .


Transfer pricing documentation made easy

Reptune® allows you to coordinate your Transfer Pricing compliance and generate complete and consistent BEPS Action 13-compliant Transfer Pricing Documentation worldwide, with the click of a button . . .

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Expert Author Spotlight

Peter S. Andersen

Peter S. Andersen advises on transfer pricing, and his practice focuses on corporates headquartered in Scandinavia, the Benelux, and the United Kingdom. His firm also has a strong transfer pricing practice for real estate fund managers investing in Europe.

Peter holds master degrees in law from Denmark and the United Kingdom and has practiced transfer pricing since the late 90s.

Peter S. Andersen

Pedro de Medinalaan 5c, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 20 205 04 45

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