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Most reliable profit indicator based on coefficient of variation

by Ednaldo Silva, Ph.D.
Transfer pricing tax compliance is devoid of external CUP (comparable uncontrolled prices). Therefore, we must select (under the TNMM and under the Profit Split Method) . . .


TP Controller – work smarter


TP Controller is a unique solution for global transfer pricing data storage, sharing, analytics, and reporting. Automate and streamline your CbCR compliance with “one-click” report generation in .pdf, .xls, or XML schema. Learn more . . .


Transfer pricing documentation made easy

Reptune® allows you to coordinate your Transfer Pricing compliance and generate complete and consistent BEPS Action 13-compliant Transfer Pricing Documentation worldwide, with the click of a button . . .

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Expert Author Spotlight

Helena Kanczula

Helena graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in economics and is a Chartered Accountant who trained with a Big 4 firm in London.

Helena now specialises in advising a broad range of large multinational groups which invest into the UK, including groups which have parent companies based in Asia. She has also advised companies operating in the renewable energy and green fuel sectors.

Helena regularly presents on specialist areas of taxation. She has also written for the taxation press including articles for Taxation and Tax Adviser magazines on various aspects of the UK tax legislation.

Helena Kanczula
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