MNE Tax has developed a network of highly qualified tax specialists, including esteemed tax professors and leading tax practitioners, that write for us on a regular basis. However, we are always interested hearing from new authors.

Why you should publish with us

  • Your article will be included in a highly regarded publication known for its quality and impartiality exclusively devoted to cross-border business tax news.
  • Publishing with MNE Tax allows you to showcase your expertise to thousands of individuals seeking someone with your qualifications on the internet, including potential clients, business partners, and journalists.
  • We offer complimentary publishing in MNE Tax as well as paid options for those seeking greater exposure to our unique audience.
  • MNE Tax articles are included in Google News in addition to being searchable in Google.
  • We do not charge a fee to read MNE Tax, making articles very accessible and easily shared.
  • Your article will be distributed to our large and rapidly growing email newsletter subscriber list and publicized on MNE Tax social media.
  • We provide extensive editing free of charge and are happy to assist tax experts that speak English as a second language.
  • We credit up to three author(s) per article and include firm name and location below the article on a complimentary basis. For a low fee, you can add an optional author box to your article that includes photo(s) and bio(s) of the authors as well as links to firm website and social media.

What we are looking  for

MNE Tax will review for complimentary publishing very timely articles written about international tax and transfer pricing developments that affect multinational enterprises. Articles written by full-time tax professors or other academics or by government officials can address international tax topics other than very current news.

  • Timely submissions: For complimentary publishing, articles must be written as soon as possible after the tax development occurs, preferably the same day or a few days after. We publish articles written by tax practitioners on less timely international tax topics through our separate, low cost, Sponsor Post program.
  • News: Articles must be written in a news format, as opposed to a law review format, with the date and most important aspect of new development in the first few sentences. No footnotes or numbered paragraphs, please.
  • Length/content: Articles can be any length. We do not publish advertorials or articles that make direct references to services provided by the author or the author’s firm.
  • No duplicates: For complimentary publishing, we accept only one article per topic. It is best to contact us ahead of time to arrange to write if you know about an expected tax development.

Some rules on prior publication, republication

  • Prior publication: For complimentary publishing, we do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere on the internet. We will publish previously published articles through our separate low-cost Sponsor Post program. Contact us for details.
  • Republication of MNE Tax articles:  You can immediately post the first two paragraphs of your article on the internet, such as on LinkedIn Pulse or a firm website, if you add a link to the original article on MNE Tax. While we prefer to work with authors that do not republish entire MNE Tax articles on the internet, we do permit republication after 72 hours of publication in MNE Tax. In such case, the article must include a statement that it was first published in MNE Tax and include a do follow link to the original article. We publish articles without restrictions on prior publication or republication through our low-cost Sponsor post program. Please contact us for details.

MNE Tax reserves the right to republish part or all of articles published in MNE Tax indefinitely without any royalty payments.

How to submit an article for review

  • No PDFs: If we have agreed to review your article, please submit it as an attachment to an email in Microsoft Word.
  • Editing: All articles are subject to editing to conform to the website’s formatting and to improve readability. All edits are approved by the author before publishing except when we need to fix minor errors.
  • We are selective: It is important to note that our acceptance of your article for review does not guarantee that we will publish it.

Author credit/upgraded author box with photo

All articles include author byline and a 1–2  sentence biography of the author(s) on a complimentary basis. Please include that information with  your article submission. You can include author name, position, firm name, city/country, email address, phone, and/or specialization, if desired. We will credit up to three authors per article.

For a USD 59 fee, authors can add an optional upgraded author box and a photo photo to their article. The author box can be used by the author for all articles published in MNE Tax for one year. Full-time professors and other academics and government officials can add an author box free of charge, if desired.

You can add the following information to your author box:

  • Name of the author.
  • Photo of the author in JPEG format with a maximum file size of 1MB. Ideally, image size would be 64 x 64 pixels. It can be larger but not smaller.
  • Professional biography of the author of 130 words or less. If desired, you can also include contact information (address, phone, email).
  • Firm name (each article can be attributed to only one organization).
  • Firm website link.
  • Firm location.
  • Author’s position with firm.
  • Author’s e-mail address.
  • Link to author’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

All author boxes include a tab with a link to the author’s other articles on MNE Tax.

Please let us know if you would like to upgrade when you submit your article and include any information you would like add to the box at that time.

Increase your visibility on MNE Tax

An abstract and link to every MNE Tax guest article is posted in the “Top News” section of MNE Tax, located on the front page, where it remains until replaced with more current news – about 2–3 weeks. We also post an abstract and link in the MNE Tax newsletter and promote your article on social media. Articles can always be accessed by searching or browsing our database. They are also indexed in both Google and Google News.

For a low monthly fee, you have the opportunity to further expand the reach of your article through a Sponsor Post, which is a branded post that appears prominently and continuously on the front page, the sidebar of every article published in MNE Tax, on many other pages, and in every MNE Tax newsletter published during the period. Please contact us for details about this exciting offer.

To inquire further about publishing an article with MNE Tax, please send us a note at:

(Updated 10/18/2017)