EU proposal to halt multinational tax avoidance through third-country hybrid mismatches stalls

December 9, 2016

EU finance ministers, during an ECOFIN meeting of the Council of the EU held December 6, were unable to reach agreement on new hybrid mismatch rules designed to prevent multinationals from avoiding tax by exploiting differences between the tax systems of EU and non-EU countries. The ministers disagreed with a Dutch proposal to extend the effective date of the rules and a UK proposal. . .

New plan for EU financial transaction tax would widen its base and lower rates

January 24, 2015

EU finance ministers have renewed their push to enact a financial transaction tax among the EU states, with some agreeing to a phased timetable for the introduction of the tax, and others expressing support for a new plan to widen the tax base, particularly with respect to derivative products. In a statement released January 22, Austrian finance minister Hans Jörg Schelling . . .

Mauritius and Austria sign TIEA

March 13, 2015

Mauritius and Austria have signed a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) according to a release posted on a Mauritius government website March 13. The agreement was . . .
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