Developing nations detail their experiences with BEPS, react to OECD work

September 26, 2014

Tax officials from 11 developing nations described the most common practices MNEs use to shift profits out of their countries, obstacles that prevent their countries from stopping these practices, and their reactions to the OECD/G-20 base erosion profit shifting (BEPS) project, responding to a UN request for . . .

Japan and Chile to negotiate a tax treaty

September 29, 2015

Japan's Ministry of Finance on September 29 announced that Japan intends to begin tax treaty negotiations with the government of Chile. The first round of negotiations will take place October 1, in Santiago.

China signs tax treaty with Chile, protocol with Russia

July 4, 2015

China has signed a tax treaty with Chile and a protocol to its tax treaty with Russia, China's State Administration of Taxation said in July 3 English-language releases. The treaty with Chile, signed May 25, is is the 100th treaty signed by China, the government  . . . 

Chile enacts landmark tax reform

October 6, 2014

Major Chilean tax reform legislation was published in the Official Gazette on September 29, introducing new measures for computing shareholder-level income taxation, amendments to thin capitalization rules, rate increases, and the introduction of general antiavoidance rules, among many other changes, writes PwC in an October 3 report. For analysis of some of the most important tax changes, see PwC.

Chilean government releases revised tax reform bill

August 19, 2014

The government of Chile, on August 9, released a revised Tax Reform Bill, which incorporates 278 modifications to the bill originally submitted to Congress on April 2, writes KPMG Chile in an August tax alert. Included are significant changes to the corporate tax regime and rates, to thin capitalization rules, revisions to the treatment of goodwill amortization, and anti avoidance rules. For an analysis of the revisions, see KPMG (PDF 80 KB)
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